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The Bar

Just to the left of the Teatergrillen entrance, our bar has its own door and is as much the perfect dinner complement as a destination in itself. Our bartenders are knowledgeable, and our cocktails are well-crafted. In the middle of the room is a round marble bar that invites you to socialise. Here you'll want to sip a glass of Champagne and watch your cocktail come to life. Small round tables line the walls and around them, the atmosphere becomes intimately private. If you want to have lunch or dinner in the bar, that's also possible. And,if you have a table reservation and it's time for dinner, simply go down the stairs on the far right. Whether you're in the bar for a pre-drink or staying for a full evening, you'll be sure to have a great experience.

The Menu

Toast Skagen with vendace roe ½ 220 1/1 295
Vendace roe from Kalix with classic condiments and toast 365
½ parmesan gratinated lobster with butter fried toast and aioli 395
Swedish snails à la provençale with sour dough pain Riche 225
Gin cured salmon with three sorts of cucumber, black pepper emulsion and rye bread crisp 205
Potato crisps with vendace roe, sour cream, onion and dill 195
Almonds or olives 65
1/2 Lobster (Maine) with butterfried toast, mayonnaise and lemon 95
Oysters; Fine de Claire no3 45/st, 1/2 dozen 230, 1/1 dozen 430
Osetra caviar; served with butterfried toast, eggs, pickled onion and soured cream 15gr/595, 30gr/795, 50gr/1395
’Toast Pelle Janzon’; sirloin carpaccio, vendance roe, butter fried brioche, egg yolk, red onion and chives 275
Pata Negra de Salamanca 285
Beef tartare with cep emulsion, pickled mushrooms and crispy shallots 225
Canned anchovies with bread and lemon 95
Moules marinières à la crème with Bouchot mussels 220




Wine by the glass


NV Pol Roger, Brut Réserve, Champagne, Fr 205
NV Le Dom de la Louvetrie, "Atmosphères" 150

Non alcohol beverages

The Wine List

Good food tastes best with the right wine, here you can read our complete wine list.