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Everything on our menu is prepared with care and lifts the unique flavours of the ingredients. Enjoy lobster, oysters, caviar, duck liver, turbot on the bone, entrecote, wine and much more from our extensive collection.

The Menu


Toast Skagen with vendace roe 245
Fresh Kalix vendace roe (30g) with classic condiments 345
Citrus cured salmon tartare with jalapeño pickled avocado, salad, sour cream and onion ash 195
’Matjes’ herring with egg, sour cream, red onion, chives, brown butter and new potatoes ½ 175 1/1 265
Burrata with orange, blood grapefruit, pine nuts, basil, honey and pickled green tomato 185
White asparagus with sauce hollandaise, grenobloise and croutons 265
Pata Negra de Salamanca 285
½ steak tartare with asparagus cruditée, ramson mayonnaise, pickled kohlrabi, silver skin onion and herb salad 205
Snails from Bourgogne gratinated with ramson butter and gruyère cheese 185

Oysters & seafood
From the grill
Our steak tartare
Silvervagnen (From 5pm, only on Wednesdays)

The Wine List

Good food tastes best with the right wine, here you can read our complete wine list.

Teatergrillens Story

Tore Wretman opened Teatergrillen in 1945 as a sister restaurant to Riche. We offer more than a traditional restaurant visit, although much about Teatergrillen is very classic.

Large Groups

We accept online bookings for groups of 8 people, if you are 9 or more please send us a request.